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Jordan Rubin - "This is My Prayer For You"

"Today, I pray:

That like Job, God would surround you with a hedge of protection and that you would have greater blessings in the latter part of your life, from this day forward.

That like Abraham, you would grow wealthy with cattle, gold and silver.

That like Issac, you plant a field and reap a hundred fold harvest.

That like Jacob, with wisdom and discernment you would grow your flocks and your herds.

That like Joseph, the dream that Godsí given you, would be, Salvation to many.

That like Moses, the Lord would reveal Himself to you and show you His glory.

That like Bezalel, who helped build the tabernacle, that the Lord would anoint you for the specific task that He has called you to accomplish.

That like Joshua, God would fill you with the Spirit of Wisdom.

That like The Children of Israel, you live in lands that you didnít buy, with barns and houses that you didnít build, drinking from springs and wells that you didnít know existed and eating from vineyards that you didnít plant, that He would bless the fruit of your trees, the grass of your fields and the calves of your herds, that He would bring the spring and autumn rains, and that there would be none sick among you and none barren.

That like David, God would give you a blueprint of what He would like you to build for Him.

That like Solomon, He would give you a wise and understanding heart.

That like Uzziah, there would be good men caring for your cattle in the foothills and that you would have a love and understanding of the soil.

That like Daniel, God would give you ten times the wisdom, favor and discernment of all those that donít know Him.

and That like Peter, you cast your net on the right side of the boat and catch 153 fish.

In Jesus Name, This is my prayer for you."



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