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Other Writings by Jordan Rubin

Jordan Rubin has authored the following books and publications:

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Dr. Rubin's second book, Restoring Your Digestive Health: How the Guts and Glory Program Can Transform Your Life, is co-authored by Dr. Joseph Brasco, a board certified doctor in internal medicine and gastroenterology. These two doctors teamed up in a complementary way to clearly deliver why gastro-intestinal health is imperative to overall health (the structure and workings of the human digestive system), how other available and culturally-fleeting "diets" can fall short of restoring one's digestive health, and how a "primitive diet"-the diet of our ancestors-can help to restore digestive health. Included at the close of the book are outlines for protocol (plans for treatment) for nearly two dozen gastro-intestinal diseases or disorders, digestive-friendly recipes (based on suggested foods), resources for products helpful for overall health, and suggested readings/organizations listed for further study, as well as findings concerning health.

Formatted in the characteristically candid and easy-to-read fashion, both doctors excel in clarity of content, as well as insightful observations about the inter-connectedness between digestive health and overall health.

About Joseph Brasco, MD

Dr. Brasco graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin and is board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology.

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The Maker's Diet Audio Experience
by Jordan Rubin
Two Audio CD's - 120 min.

Your 40-day journey to greater health begins today with this inspiring 120 minute audio CD lecture presentation with Jordan Rubin.. Jordan walks you through the three easy-to-follow phases of The Maker's Diet program and what you can expect to experience during every step of your own unique journey to complete health. Learn six vital keys to unlock your health potential and much more. Unlike any other diet plan you have ever encountered, The Maker's Diet is the biblically and scientifically-based complete health and wellness program for your body, mind and spirit.

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The Maker's Diet
by Jordan S. Rubin, N.M.D., Ph.D.

"In as little as 40 days, 'The Maker's Diet'
can transform the way you eat and live."

Dr. Jordan Rubin's third book is titled The Maker's Diet. This book expands on the rationale of how our bodies were designed to work best on the "primitive diet" and a more rudimentary lifestyle. Dr. Rubin gives personal experience, as well as historical documentation, as premises for the importance of digestive health and proper nutrition.

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Maker's Diet Meals
by Jordan S. Rubin, N.M.D., Ph.D.

Feed your family a delicious biblically inspired,
beyond organic diet every day!

Maker’s Diet Meals contains simple step-by-step guides for creating over 150. More than just a cookbook, Maker’s Diet Meals also packs nutritional wisdom that expands beyond the “what” to eat to explain the “why”, so that you may experience incredible health in body, mind and spirit.

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Perfect Weight America, the latest title from New York Times best-selling author and health expert Jordan Rubin, delivers more than a proven weight loss program to drop pounds. Unlike the standard fare of diet books, Perfect Weight America challenges readers to Change Your Diet, Change Your Life, and Change Your World.

“I’ve seen that it’s possible to take weight off people’s frames as well as the planet,” explains Rubin. “It’s about personal and global sustainability. The program covers everything from eating local and organic to simple steps to living ‘green’ and reducing your carbon footprint to save the environment.”

Backed by science and studies, Perfect Weight America features an online personal health coach to educate readers about how to achieve their perfect weight. A main premise of the book is that everyone has a perfect weight and there are definite steps a dieter can take to eat, live, and think to look and feel their best.

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The “Perfect Weight America” Experience Lecture DVD and CD are the perfect accompaniment for those interested in shedding pounds and feeling spectacular. New Your Times bestselling diet author Jordan Rubin has delivered his captivation and inspiring message to hundreds of thousands of people and now is available right in your own home. Jordan will personally deliver a nine-part lecture that covers how to eat, drink, snack, supplement, cleanse, get FIT, reduce toxins and how to think for your perfect weight, including some special advice not included in his book Perfect Weight America. Watch and listen as Jordan shares secrets that will help you reach your perfect weight.

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Perfect Weight America - Functional Interval Training (fitness DVD)

Perfect Weight America – Functional Interval Training
Get FIT For Your Perfect Weight

The Functional Interval Training (FIT) exercise program includes switching between short bursts of intense exercise with a short recovery period. FIT exercises are anaerobic (without oxygen) and utilize more calories during and after you’ve exercised.

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Perfect Weight Journal book (motivational quotes, shopping list, dining out tips & more)

When it comes to health and weight loss, just giving people information isn't always enough--they also need the tools to put this new information into practice.

This essential companion volume to Perfect Weight America helps readers track their progress as they move toward their perfect weight. More than a daily log of activities, this complete journal also includes:

  • Motivational quotes
  • Shopping lists
  • Tips for dining out
  • And more!

With a lay-flat binding for easy note taking, this journal takes readers day by day, step by step, through the entire sixteen-week program, helping them stay focused and inspired.

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The Maker’s Diet Revolution
The 10 Day Diet to Lose Weight & Detoxify Your Body, Mind, & Spirit
by Jordan S. Rubin, N.M.D., Ph.D.

The Maker’s Diet Revolution by Jordan Rubin is your guide to losing weight and detoxifying your mind, body and spirit in 10 days. Jordan Rubin is a renowned natural health expert and New York Times Bestselling author of The Maker's Diet.

Are you ready to lose weight and transform your body, mind and spirit in just 10 days? If so, one of America’s most respected natural health experts, has a revolutionary approach to help you win the battle of the bulge and experience a true health breakthrough. Combining the bible's ancient wisdom with the best of modern science, The Maker's Diet Revolution, by Jordan Rubin, unveils an eating plan that can help you shed unwanted pounds, while cleansing and detoxifying your body. More than just a diet, The Maker's Diet Revolution will help you power your mind, supercharge your spirit and walk in a lifetime of favor and blessings.

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The Raw Truth Book  - Transform Your Health with the Power of Living Nutrients
by Jordan Rubin

Transform Your Health with the Power of Living Nutrients

RAW is not just a fad - the RAW movement is here to stay. In Jordan Rubin’s latest book The Raw Truth, Jordan uncovers the truth about this hottest new trend in health that is really centuries old. Discover the logical, simple health principles that have been historically demonstrated in the lives of thirteen “legends of health.” You will also meet some of the hottest trendsetters in the RAW world and gain access to their resources, recipes and knowledge.

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Restore Your Gut
Rebuild Your Terrain
Reclaim Your Health

A 14-Day Health Program
from New York Times Best-Selling Author & Health Coach, Jordan Rubin

The JumpStart Your Health 14-Day Program is based upon the the very same time honored health principals that Jordan used to overcome his own major health crisis, plus the experience as coaching thousands on their journey to optimal health. Learn More Click Here



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